D4M Project Pipeline Weekly Check-In II

This week I did a character sheet for one of the artists in the lab at the beginning of the short.  It’s a continuation off of one of the students I drew for last week’s assignment, and I’m quite fond with how she’s turned out.

For the colors I chose, I wanted to keep the overall scheme cool.  This scene takes place in the computer labs, so I tried to play off of Chay’s Color Script.  Even though I kept most of her clothes cool, I also wanted to add some warmer elements, hence the red hair and fair, warm skin.


This also seems to be an exercise on how I need to actually use a ruler when trying to draw straight lines.  Otherwise the proportions and guidelines will look off when I upload this online.


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Animation major studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Here I will post my work and research for my projects. View all posts by alexacarolina

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