D4M Project Pipeline Weekly Check-In I

For the first week of the Project Pipeline I did character sketches for Emma P.’s short film The Lost Files.



I’m a character designer and animator for her short film, so for the first week I did character sketches.


Character Design for the monster character.

Some ideas for the monster character for “The Lost Files”

For this I had a few ideas.  Due to the boxy nature of the character, I wanted to start off with a bulldog-like build.  As the artist character tries to “work” on the character with her stylus, the character gets slightly larger, more angular, and more intimidating.


Next I did some sketches for the artist protagonist and the lab monitor.

First round of character design

Various student designs and initial lab monitor idea



Second round of character sketches

A little character design exploration and an extra lab monitor design idea.


I’m quite fond of the girl with the sweater dress or the chubby girl with the scarves as the protagonist.  Also I love the idea of the lab monitor being an intimidating person, almost like she has a bouncer air about her.  I’m looking forward to what the rest of the crew has to say.


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Animation major studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Here I will post my work and research for my projects. View all posts by alexacarolina

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